Twenty-five years ago I started my hobby with a 20 gal. tank, a handful of Malawi Cichlids and one orange leleupi. Today, because of my love for these magnificent fish, my hobby has grown to a 4,000 gal. central system (with several boarding tanks for new comers).

My water conditions mimic that of Lake Tanganyika. The method I employ is very costly to maintain, however it is necessary in order to raise healthy and happy fish.

My specialties include very brightly colored orange leleupi, Zaire and Mpimbwe Frontosas as well as new and old imports that are challenging to breed. These breeds mostly originate from the Congo Area (Zaire).

One of my breeding practices is to allow the Mother to hold her fry as long as possible. I do not believe that the tumbling method is healthy for the fry.

Until recently my trade was mostly with the Wholesale Industry, however I would also like to offer my fish to the serious hobbyist who can appreciate these rare breeds.

I truly enjoy raising these beautiful creatures. My hope is that you too will enjoy them as much as I do!

-Located on Long Island, New York